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Trustzone ARM V8M Call cmse_ns_entry function from secure world...


I'm working on bare metal firmware using Cortex M55. Trustzone and use of cmse macros are enabled.

Both secure world and non secure world are created and built.

We want to call a secure service from non secure world. So for that  we create a cmse_ns_entry function at secure side to create a SG in NSC region that could be called from non secure side.

the assembly code is like this :

NON Secure side           /                   NSC                                                    /            Secure side 

call secure_service  ---------------->     SG ;

                                                          B __acle_se_secure_service ----------------->        __acle_se_secure_service




                                                                                                                                         BXNS lr

which is as expected.

Now, we want to call as well this secure_service function from secure world. So it will call directly the __acle_se_secure_service . it implies several questions from my side :

-> I guess that when the BXNS lr instruction will be executed, CPU is checking the function caller and in case is secure , will not execute BXNS instruction. Is it the case ?

-> I would like to avoid to call all this assembly stuff related to acle function , I mean stcl, vldm, ldcl, bxns as it's as well a secure function called by secure world and in terms of performance, it's not so great if we call it from secure world regularly. Is there a way to avoid it ?

Thanks for your support,

Best Regards, 

TexCor JC