DC ZVA instruction can't execute by CPU Cortex-A78

Hi All,

Currently, I'm working on linux kernel bootup task on "Arm-A78" CPU.

Linux kernel version : linux-kernel5.10.39.

Uboot version : U-Boot 2021.10-rc2

Currently, Uboot is execute successfully and it's load kernel and Device tree on RAM which is configured by uboot and now kernel start it's execution from the RAM.

Problem : When CPU execute "DC ZVA" instruction from the "__pi_memset" function which is in "__primary_switched" function which is part of head.S file of the kernel, It's simply gave an alignment fault.

From ARMv8 reference manual observed that this is because of "Device Type memory". 

Question : Is there any configurations in kernel as well as in uboot which we can use to change memory type (Device memory to Normal memory), Or is there any solution for that ?

Here, Except MAIR_EL1 register in kernel which is already set for normal memory, But There is no effect on memory. ( Observed this scenario from PAR_EL1 system register, Which has give physical output address as well as resultant memory attribute.)  

Please help me the same.