Accelerating AI experiences from edge to cloud

  • First processors based on Arm DynamIQ technology take a big step towards boosting AI performance by more than 50x over the next 3-5 years
  • Arm Cortex-A75 delivers massive single-thread compute uplift for premium performance points
  • Arm Cortex-A55 is the world’s most versatile high-efficiency processor
  • Arm Mali-G72 GPU expands VR, gaming and Machine Learning capabilities on premium mobile devices with 40 percent more performance
  • New supporting IP includes Arm Compute Library, comprehensive suite of developer tools and POP IP

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already simplifying and transforming many of our lives and it seems that every day I read about or see proofs of concept for potentially life-saving AI innovations. However, replicating the learning and decision-making functions of the human brain starts with algorithms that often require cloud-intensive compute power. Unfortunately, a cloud-centric approach is not an optimal long-term solution if we want to make the life-changing potential of AI ubiquitous and closer to the user for real-time inference and greater privacy. In fact, survey data we will share in the coming weeks shows 85 percent of global consumers are concerned about securing AI technology, a key indicator that more processing and storing of personal data on edge devices is needed to instill a greater sense of confidence in AI privacy.

Enabling secure and ubiquitous AI is a fundamental guiding design principle for Arm considering our technologies currently reach 70 percent of the global population. As such, Arm has a responsibility to rearchitect the compute experience for AI and other human-like compute experiences. To do this, we need to enable faster, more efficient and secure distributed intelligence between computing at the edge of the network and into the cloud.