STM32F103RB (Cortex M3): Connecting to CPU via connect under reset failed after flashing a deep sleep mode manager software


I am using an STM32F103RB MCU in a specific Hardware design.

The Hardware was always working fine until I flashed a software which implements the stop mode (deep sleep mode) management (it's a low power mode supported by ST by setting the SLEEPDEEP bit in the System control register (SCB_SCR) supported by ARM).

In the Software after calling the set instruction WFI (wait for interrupt) to wait for an interrupt to wake-up the micro-controller, it still sleeping for ever.

In debug session (using j-link as debugger via SWD) by pressing next step in IAR, I can go out from deep sleep mode.

When I go out from debug session I can't connect anymore to the micro-controller and I can't flash it anymore.

I have the issue as described in the screenshot.

I am really stick with this and I look forward your help !

Best regards,

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