Unaligned accesses - CMSDK Example Cortex M0

The spec mentions that the M0 will generate a Hardfault when unaligned accesses are detected. I would like to find out where is this implemented in RTL and understand it a little better.

Does the GCC compiler detects unaligned code accesses during compilation as well?

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  • Code accesses as I understand it now is expected to the word aligned and internally the MCU has hardware to detect unaligned code accesses and issue a hard fault.

    There are 4 byte and 2 byte instructions. Each can be on a 4 or 2 byte address. There is no way to have a PC with an odd address or more precisely the least significant bit is ignored (it is the Thumb-2 indication, which is not needed on a Cortex-M which is Thumb-2 only!).

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