MMU and Cache configuration

Hello there,

I want to enable MMU and Cache to improve the performance of my arm cortex-A5 core.

I have gone through the Reference manual of arm cortex a5 and found the below step to enable mmu and cache

Steps :

1.Disable cache, branch predictors

2. Invalidate cache and TLB

3. set translation table entries , point ttbr register to translation table.

4.enable cache, branch predictor

5. enable MMU.


1. I need help to understand how the translation table entries are defined.. If i choose 1MB section option then

how can i make entry for External flash memory which is of 16MB. 

Here we have different memory regions, internal Ram(1MB), internal flash(4MB), External flash(16MB) and so on..

How can i define translation table entries for the above mentioned memory regions.

2.  Translation tables are stored in main memory, here main memory is RAM ???

3 How can we check all the above steps working or not in trace32 ??

by executing the command cache.view i am able to see the cache content but i am unable to understand it.

Thanks in Advance.


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