Why are my posts flagged as inappropriate/abusive and deleted?

I take my own time and effort to help folks on these forums, yet my posts are always flagged as 'inappropriate/abusive' and 'need to be checked by a moderator'.  I got an appeals email which I didn't see so missed a deadline to appeal, so my post is just deleted.

If any one of the moderators is reading this, the relevant url is below.


I am never told quite what is 'inappropriate' or 'abusive' in my posts.  I have had this issue numerous times, but this time I missed the appeal deadline and so what I posted, or tried to, was basically a complete waste of my time.


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  • Hey 

    I am sorry for the issues you have had with our moderation process, and it certainly isn't our intention to make you feel treated like you have been. Outside of the appeal window, we do monitor the mod queue for any genuine items and approve them as we find them. 

    In this case it looks like we missed your post above, and so please accept my apologies for that. It probably won't mean much to you right now, but we'll use this to review our processes to see where we can make improvements. 

    I hope you do consider returning to us, and thank you for all the help you have given our members in the forums. I really do appreciate the time and help you have given to people here.



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