Announcing DS-5 v5.28

Arm’s Development Solutions Group is pleased to announce the release of a new version of DS-5. Building upon our legacy of early support for Arm IP, DS-5.28 includes new features and configurations to make your debug sessions easier and more productive.

IDE, Compiler, Fixed Virtual Platforms

The DS-5 development suite operates within the Eclipse IDE which has been upgraded to Neon (4.6.3). Users can install other Eclipse-based plug-ins to operate alongside DS-5 for easy customization of their workspace. Arm Compiler 6.9 is included with DS-5.28 Professional and Ultimate editions. For users who are developing on models ahead of hardware availability, Fixed Virtual Platforms are upgraded to Fast Models version 11.2 which includes ITM support for Cortex-M fast models, enables the partial powering down of L3 caches in fast models with DynamIQ Shared Unit (DSU) capabilities, and upgrades the Power Policy Unit (PPU) to version 1.1.

DS-5 Debugger

Building upon the release of debug and compiler support for Arm Cortex-A55 and Cortex-A75 in DS-5.27.1, we have also included support for Arm’s newest architecture, Armv8.4-A extensions.

Developers working on Intel’s Stratix 10 FPGA can find out-of-the-box support, and kernel bring-up for WindRiver VxWorks 7 is now available.

Configurations for Arm DesignStart MPS2+ and the Cortex Prototyping System for Cortex-M33 IoT Kit are included in DS-5.28 to assist with the initial stages of SoC design and development.

With embedded systems becoming more complex than ever, there has never been a better time to add innovations in how DS-5 handles target connections. With the release of multi-cluster cores such as Cortex-A55 and Cortex-A75 with Arm DynamIQ technologies, users can now interrogate powered-down components in their systems or enable debug and trace even while portions of the system remain powered down.

Another innovation in target hardware connection is the ability to keep the debug connection active even when there is no JTAG activity. When a user is debugging a large system in low power status via Arm’s DSTREAM or DSTREAM-ST debug hardware, the TCK can now be left running to easily resume debug activity.

Streamline 6.5

We’ve expanded Streamline support for baremetal performance analysis by adding the ability to import instruction trace and transporting of baremetal trace data over the Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM).

Our integration between Streamline and Arm Fast Models now includes a wizard to simplify setup. Additional usability improvements include examples to assist with understanding how Streamline works and a new mechanism for adding performance data locations so that Streamline will always display your most recent trace captures.

There is now support for analyzing Python scripts and Just In Time (JIT) compiled languages.

Mali Graphics Debugger 4.8

There have been significant improvements in host-side performance for Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD) for better responsiveness and reduced overall memory consumption.

The new device manager allows for automated target set-up, the tracing speed of applications has been increased, and new trace modes have been added which allow the user to pick which assets will be traced.

MGD customers can now trace Android O, and VR support has been expanded with a new Multiview extension.

Host OS support

For Linux-based developers, DS-5.28 now supports Ubuntu 16.04.

DS-5 no longer supports 32-bit host platforms.


DS-5 ships with an extensive collection of debug examples in order to help our users get started on their development and debug efforts. New examples included with DS-5.28 include:

  • Armv8-A Linux application debug example
  • Armv8-A Linux kernel debug example
  • Arm Compiler 6 version of TrustZone example
  • Arm Compiler 6 version of Cortex-R4, R5 & R7 startup code examples
  • New timer interrupts into Armv8-A startup code
  • Cortex-Axx named versions of Armv8-A example startup code
  • Streamline examples for Linux and barman can now be imported into Eclipse using the DS-5 Example Importer Wizard

More information on all of these features can be found on

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