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FastModel with CMN700

I am running an N1 core based full system fastmodel simulation. I am facing few issues in reading CMN700 register from my baremetal arm64 program. I am documenting the questions here:

1. CMN700.lisa uses the mesh_config_file param to pass on the yml file for topology. Is there any param to pass the memory map which is available in xml format so that the fastmodel can understand the CMN700 registers map?

2. The ARM baremetal program is trying to read a CMN700 register. Unfortunately, I am facing following 2 issues:

  •  The request from ARM N1 core to read the CMN700 register is not serviced by CMN700 directly
  • By introducing the PVBusLogger, I see that the register read request goes from N1->CMN700->NI700->PVBusDecoder->CMN700_APB slave port. In spite of using the CMN700 backdoor register access approach, the request still fails with DECERR/SLVERR. I am not sure why this is happening instead of returning the actual value of CMN700 register. Could you please help me understand the error and possible fix. See below log for reference. The CMN700 register I am trying to access is 0x42d1d80 with CFGM_PERIPHBASE_PARAM is set to 400000000 in the CMN700 yml file.

24 clk cluster0.cpu0 MR4 00000004042d1d80:0004042d1d80 Device-nGnRnE (StronglyOrdered) 00000003
24 clk cluster0.cpu0 R X6 0000000000000003
24 clk cluster0.cpu0 BR4D_PS O____S I____S 00 0004042d1d80 DECERR
24 clk cluster0.cpu0 cmn700.cmn600_cache.downstream[5].pvbusmaster R4D_PS O____S I____S 00 0004042d1d80 DECERR
24 clk cluster0.cpu0 SalinaSoC.dec_cmn700apb_buslog R4D_PS O____S I____S 00 0000042d1d80 SLVERR
24 clk cluster0.cpu0 SalinaSoC.ni700_dec_buslog R4D_PS O____S I____S 00 0004042d1d80 SLVERR

CMN700 is setup in my lisa file as follows:

cmn700: CMN700(
cache_state_modelled = true,
rnf_sci_enable = "0xffff", // Enable sci for cluster 0 to 7
use_yml_periphbase = true,
enable_logger = true,
//register_traces_for_ccg_apb_accesses = true,
print_cmn_config = true,
//yml_has_node_addresses = true,
//rnf_index_to_nodeid = "0x0=0x80",
mesh_config_file.default = "cmn700_nxc_topology.yml"