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how can I set shareable / noncacheable / normal memory region to the reserved memory in Linux?

reserved-memory {
    reserved: reserved@0xfac00000 {
        reg = <0 0xfac00000 0 0x1000000>; /* 16MB */

I have a reserved memory area in my dtsi file. And that area resides in DRAM.

It will be used for Inter Processor Communication between M7(32 bit) and A7(64 bit).

And the actual mmap happens in an application (user space).

Currently the Linux generates the alignment fault when I use string libraries(i.e. memcpy), because they are the device memory region.

I think I can set it to be the "shareable / non-cacheable / normal memory region"  since it's actually at DRAM and it's for IPC.

But I still couldn't find the proper compatible option that I can set that area as I want, and I am also not sure if it will work along with the mmap calls in user space.

What would be the right way to achieve this?

Is it a right way to prohibit all unaligned accesses to the reserved memory area when it's actually at DRAM?

Please give me an advice how I should approach the problem.

Thanks for reading!