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Does Cortex-M7 support SMP?

Does Cortex-M7 support SMP?

I'm plan to start project using ARM core.
So I'm searching for which core is suitable.
I want to use a core that is as small as possible.

I'd like to use little kernel OS environment and I need to SMP(Symmentric MultiProcessing)
I already know cortex-A series support SMP, but I want to smaller size core than cortex-A series.

  • SMP is more like a software concept while Hardware Processors can provide some features to enhance the SMP performance.

    For Cortex-M7, it is a single core processor. So it depends on how you define the "SMP" for two Cortex-M7 processors.   

    In theory, the two Cortex-M7 can work together but it may not be similar to the Cortex-A SMP that can provide the cache coherency.


    The Cortex-M7 processor is a highly efficient high-performance, embedded processor that
    features low interrupt latency, low-cost debug, and has backwards compatibility with existing
    Cortex-M profile processors. The processor has an in-order super-scalar pipeline that means
    many instructions can be dual-issued, including load/load and load/store instruction pairs
    because of multiple memory interfaces.
    Memory interfaces that the processor supports include:
    • Tightly-Coupled Memory (TCM) interfaces.
    • Harvard instruction and data caches.
    • AXI master (AXIM) interface.
    • Dedicated low-latency AHB-Lite peripheral (AHBP) interface.
    • AHB-Lite slave (AHBS) interface that provides DMA access to TCMs.