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Want suggestions for quiz writing about a mobile app development framework

Hi Everyone,

My name is Varsha Solanki. I am working In an app development company.

I want to write an interactive content that uses questions to assess user knowledge levels on Mobile app development frameworks. As I am not an excellent writer by profession, but I want to write.

I know the basic Idea of Mobile app development framework. But I don't know What kind of questions I should add in this content?

Can anyone suggest me whom should I contact to get a better idea about writing a quiz for mobile app frameworks? or can anyone suggest me some good questions that I should add in this quiz?

Or can anyone suggest me some reference blogs That can help me out for a better idea?

Thank you in advance.

  • React Native is one of the most popular mobile app frameworks, with 42 percent of programmers utilizing it internationally. It is based on JavaScript and was designed by Facebook. React Native programmers can easily create a smartphone application with a native look and feel using the Android and iOS platforms.