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baremetal program execution on ARM Morello board


I am running baremetal programs on FVP. I compiled using llvm toolchain with baremetal support and created the .axf binaries under the debug directory of the project folder. This .axf executable Is something I like to test on morello board without any OS environment.  when I tried to run the .axf binary on the board using the ARM development studio IDE morello edition, under the run> debug config> made the settings and when I I started debugging it gets stuck at the HLT instruction (when performing debug from symbol) or starting from the initial address and going into an infinite loop when starting from entry point. while on the terminal console I couldn't see the output of the printf statement which i was expecting. even if I try to run directly or debug it step by step. (the program is correct because I already tested on FVP) ..I am being redirected to the debug configuration. and iterating thru the same process as described without seeing the actual output on the terminal which I configured with the /dev/ttyusb2  115200 command. Any suggestions please.

I have also used the semihosting code

set semihosting heap-base 0
set semihosting heap-limit 0x80800000
set semihosting stack-limit 0x80800000
set semihosting stack-base 0x81000000
set semihosting enabled on