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`static-pie` support in GCC compiler

As part of a CHERI project I'm working on, I'm trying to compile a `static-pie` executable to run on a Morello box with Linux installed. I'm using pre-built binaries for the `gcc` compiler for x86-64 host [1] for this. In my example, trying to compile with native `gcc` and the `-static-pie` flag works, but trying to compile the same with Morello `gcc` fails. I have some leads on what the issue might be (and might add a follow-up post with more detail), but before I spend more time on this, I'd like to inquire if anyone might be aware whether `-static-pie` might just not be supported by the Morello `gcc` compiler or CHERI, or if it's not fully implemented yet (I am aware that CheriBSD does not support this, but that would be due to it being forked off FreeBSD, which also does not support `static-pie`s, to my knowledge).