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`ptraddr_t` in GCC compiler

As part of a CHERI hybrid project I'm working on, I recently have attempted to use Morello gcc as my compiler, having used the CheriBSD `clang` compiler built via `cheribuild` [1] before. I downloaded pre-built binaries for x86_64 host and AArch64 targets, namely `arm-gnu-toolchain-10.1.morello-alp2-x86_64-aarch64-none-linux-gnu.tar.xz` [2]. One of the errors I encountered seems to be it doesn't know the type `ptraddr_t` (nor the older `vaddr_t`), which, as far as I'm aware, should be a CHERI type, as per Section 4.2.1 in the CHERI C Programming Guide [3]. I can `typedef` it to something like `intptr_t` or so for myself, but the lack of it might be seen as a bug (unless it was included in a more recent version I couldn't find after a cursory search).