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Morello CPTR_EL2.TC behaviour/setting


I've been bringing up a hypervisor kernel on the Morello SDP which has prompted some questions about the role of CPTR_EL2, in particular the TC bit, and how it controls the behaviour of capabilities.

The code I'm debugging is completely unaware of capabilities (capability support will be added later).  It is entered from the UEFI boot loader in AArch64 at EL2.  At some point during its execution it performs an exception return (ERET) from EL2 to a new context also at EL2.  In the original code this triggered a capability fault when the target instruction of the ERET was fetched.  More specifically, ARM DS tells me this is a synchronous abort with type 0x28 indicating capability tag fault.  It seems that during the ERET instruction, the capability tag and metadata are stripped from PCC leaving a "bare" target address, which may have a bearing on why the capability fault occurs.

By experiment I discovered that the setting of CPTR_EL2 bit 9 (0x200) affects whether or not the capability fault occurs.  In the original failing code, CPTR_EL2 had the value 3, but setting it to 0x32ff prevents the exception from occurring.  EL2H is disabledI noted that the definition of CPTR_EL2 includes several RES1 bits which were not correctly set in the original code, but it seems to be the setting of bit 9 specifically which determines whether or not the capability fault occurs.

This seems counter-intuitive (to me at least) because according to the Morello architecture supplement (DDI0606 rev. A.k) setting bit 9, TC in the Morello architecture, "causes Morello instructions to be trapped".  Looking carefully at the registers while single-stepping the instruction which sets CPTR_EL2, when it's written with TC set it seems to strip the capability bit from the PCC at that point, but in such a way that no capability fault is triggered (unlike the ERET case).  That doesn't seem to relate to anything in the documentation for CPTR_EL2, unless I missed it.

In short, I am confused about why setting CPTR_EL2.TC is necessary and how/why it has the effect it does.  If anyone can explain this and/or point me to the relevant section of the Morello architecture supplement, please, I'd be very grateful.  Sorry if I've missed something obvious.

Thanks in anticipation,