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Morello Linux environment - 1.6.1 release

Hi everyone,
We are very pleased to announce a new 1.6.1 release of the Morello Linux environment.

[Morello SDK] changes
Dynamic linking support for llvm/musl.
Experimental C++ support for llvm/musl.
Initial version of GCC/GLibC (with static linking).

[Morello Linux] changes
New kernel based on Linux 6.4.
Graphic environment support with 3D acceleration (compat mode only).
Shared folders support on FVP to simplify development.

For more details please visit the mailing lists, which are the best way to engage with the work. You can find more details about the 1.6.1 release here
To learn more about Morello Linux please visit and the project website and documentation.

Note: This release does not include a new version of the Android environment. There are currently no plans to release further updates for Android/Morello. Ongoing Arm work will focus on the Morello Linux Environment only.