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Morello 1.6.1 Integration complete - What's new?

  • This release is intended to support the Morello Linux Environment and CheriBSD only. 
    New Platform Features and Fixes
    • Add PMIC driver in SCP to enable DVFS with DT boot.
    • Add Coresight support in firmware.
    • Fix the GPU interrupts ordering in device tree.
    • Fix the USB HID input device/hub hang issue in EDK2.
    • Fix the SPI interrupts mapping in TF-A.
    • Update the MCC firmware binary to v233 adding support to fetch silicon revision from the EEPROM.
    • Rebase the firmware components (SCP, TF-A, EDK2, EDK2-Platforms) from their respective upstream projects.
    • Update the firmware binaries to the following versions:
    • SCP-Firmware : d163a087651dd47d5002033e2afb2f6d96054ea0
    • Trusted Firmware-A: 6616cbf1323d883c8c1e67e9944fc05d8f319284
    • EDK2 : aa9389302041654a3118c55c9b3cc77a1f35f543
    • EDK2-Platforms : 958487af8ffdd0c5d8d201cb02bc0c40d3e44af3