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How to tell if Morello display is broken?

I have received a Morello board (in a tower case) and have made a bootable USB. However, I have never seen our Morello system generate anything on the monitor display. Not when turning the system on from its "as shipped" state and not with the USB plugged in and powered up. I suspect the display driver/hardware is not operable, but wanted to ask those with a known working system - at what point do you first see a message on the monitor?

For background: (1) I have verified the HDMI cable and monitor being used works (via HDMI from a laptop); (2) I have been able to use Minicom over the USB cable to interact with the MCC; and (3) the LCD on the Morello board displays the code 4F (but I've not seen documentation discussing possible LCD codes).

I have not seen the expected boot behavior documented in the referenced start-up materials. I infer from a forum posting that it seems there are BIOS messages when booting - is this true?