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LLDB won't stop at breakpoint with linux pure-cap


Test 1: Building on linux pure-cap, building ARM's standard examples e.g helloworld.  Inside lldb, set breakpoint at main and run.  Does not halt, program runs to completion.

Test 2: Build for linux-aarch64-gnu, i.e without pure-cap flag, and perform the same lldb actions.  Works fine - program halts at main.

Test 3: Build for linux-aarch64-gnu as per test 2 but THEN use the morello_elf tool to patch the purecap flag in the executable then lldb does not work in the same way as observed in test 1.

I suspect I am doing something silly, but I cannot figure out what - but I suspect it is something obvious I have missed!  Please help.

More details

- In all cases, in lldb process launch -s will indeed stop at the entry point

- lldb reports breakpoints are being set correctly in all cases.  Also doing a memory dump shows the address is correct (I tried setting breakpoint via address and at printf() also).

- In all cases, program runs normally outside the debugger

- When debugging the heap test example, lldb shows the seg fault as expected including the source trace.

LLDB commands:

lldb morello-helloworld

(lldb) br set -n main

(lldb) r

Assuming this is all supposed to work, any pointers to something obvious I have missed would be appreciated.  This is all running on Morello board with a linux pure-cap stack installed on the SATA ssd, lldb running on the target also (i.e not remote debugging).  I will also try debugging with gnu tools (gdb).

Many Thanks


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