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CheriBSD GUI software guide


Wondering if anyone has a guide on how to build a useable GUI for the CHERIBSD instance.

I've been trying to replicate the set up in this guide but struggling.



  • Hi Martin:

    Three thoughts:

    1. There’s a lot of work going on to make the desktop stack accessible on Morello boards currently, with a CheriBSD release due in the next couple of weeks that incorporates all that work, and also support for the Morello GPU, back into CheriBSD and its packages. Once that’s done, you will be able to use “pkg64c install cheri-desktop” to get up and running easily [with any luck!]. So unless you need it urgently in the next week or two, the best thing to do is wait for our release announcement. We’re currently landing some improvements to HDMI resolution detection, as well as a couple more demonstration desktop software packages (e.g., Okular, the PDF viewer described in that report).

    2. When you say reproduce this setup -- do you mean on QEMU, or on a Morello board? The original work was actually done on CHERI-MIPS, which is deprecated, and the current work is primarily focused on Morello (although, with the exception of Mali GPU support, should be applicable to CHERI-RISC-V).

    3. Can I recommend the CHERI-CPU Slack for lower latency debugging/support for CheriBSD: