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What was the Morello August 2022 Mainline Refresh?

What was contained in the Morello August 2022 Mainline Refresh?

  • The Morello August 2022 Mainline Refresh adds the following features to the Morello·GitLab mainline: 

    • EFI Frame Buffer Support
    • Improved communication between SCP: ó: PCC. Comms are now on I2C.
    • SBBR Compliant Aarch64 Binaries.
    • Unified ROM binary for SoC & FVP. New repo provisioned to host the SoC ROM binaries.
    • CheriBSD shutdown/reboot EL3 exception issue fixed in TF-A
    • MCC Refresh to introduce new commands to fetch firmware version .
    • DDR Dual Rank (64Gb) Support.
    • Fix applied to occasional flash corruption issue observed with UEFI persistent storage memory to improve reliability. 

    The board firmware binaries have also been refreshed to reflect the changes.