What is in the first Morello GNU Tool Chain release?

Arm has published the first binary release of the GNU Toolchain for Morello (version: 10.1.Morello-Alp1).

  • This is a preview release of the Morello support at Alpha quality, which is not suitable for production use. However, this is the first of several releases we will be making this year, each bringing more support and higher quality. It currently only includes Morello Pure-capability and Hybrid ABI support for C language (no support for C++ available at the moment). For more details on the support available, please refer to Arm Developer

    This toolchain includes Binutils, GCC (based on GCC 11 trunk codebase taken after the GCC 10.1 release), Newlib and GDB with the above Morello support. We provide binaries for GNU/Linux host operating systems (on x86_64 and AArch64 architectures) targeting aarch64-none-elf bare-metal development.

    Binaries and sources can be downloaded from Arm Developer. Also, the release note there provides additional information about this release (such as where to report bugs in Linaro Bugzilla).