LLVM on Morello and Cheribsd

Hi all,

Any comments on these points shall be highly appreciated.

1. I can run the Morello FVP  but I'm not sure if we can install/run a LLVM-MCA on the FVP and have some code run the binary and consume the output.

2. My current hardware set up is intel based X86-64 macs, However, I can't run any aarch64 software on my machine, which hadware do we need to boot CheriBsd image?

Many thanks.

  • 1. LLVM cannot currently be built as a pure-capability binary, though there is ongoing work to make that possible. You can however build a plain AArch64 LLVM with `cheribuild morello-llvm-aarch64` that you can put in your image. You'll need to update cheribuild though as only CHERI-LLVM was configured to support being cross-built. If you run into issues building that, please file an issue against https://github.com/CTSRD-CHERI/cheribuild. However, you will likely find it an extremely painful experience due to the size of LLVM and slowness of the FVP.

    2. That should work just fine. `cheribuild -d run-fvp-morello-purecap` should support running CheriBSD on the FVP on an Intel Mac by using Docker to run the FVP in a Linux VM; we have several people who do that.