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What is in the December 2020 Maintenance Release of Morello Platform (FVP) model?

Arm made a maintenance release of the Morello Platform Model (FVP) on 18 December 2020. What is in this release?

  • Here are details of the updates and changes;

    1 - Package:

    • Included the RuntimeLibraries to allow running the FVP on older host Linux distributions.

    2 - Morello Soc/FVP:

    • VirtioP9 component has been integrated and it is working. It allows sharing a folder between the guest and host OSs.
    • PCISBSA has been updated and demonstrated to be fully working.
    • SoC GPIO memory map range has been aligned according to specs.

    3 - Documentation:

    • FVP reference guide has been updated to instruct users on how to use the Virtio P9 and the RuntimeLibraries.

    4- Rainier CPU changes and improvements:

    • Implemented changes in Morello Specification REL-01 (5): C1248, R1086, D1327
    • Adjusted exception priorities related to MMU faults of loads/stores of valid capabilities, as well as faults related to LDCT/STCT to unsupported memory types or when the MMU is disabled to match Rainier
    • Fixed capability fault priorities on STP, STXP capability instructions and their variants
    • Fixed SWP capability instructions incorrectly clearing the exclusive monitor under certain conditions
    • Fixed SPE sampling for: STCT/LDCT instructions (missing SPE PA packet,  incorrect Operation Type packet header), CSEL instructions (incorrect Operation Type packet payload)
    • Fixed value of ESR_EL2.ISV and related fields for various Morello load/store instructions on relevant stage 2 aborts
    • Fixed priority of System permission trap for CNTPCT_EL0, CNTVCT_EL0
    • Improvements to implementation-defined system registers
      • Implemented Rainier chicken switches (CPUACTLR_EL1[20:22],  CPUACTLR3_EL1[38])
      • Exposed implementation-defined system registers via CADI
      • Removed some implementation-defined system registers that are not   actually present in Rainier
      • Fixed PCC.System permission checks and/or priority of System permission trap for several implementation-defined system registers 

    The updated Morello FVP available to download from