'Module error! text completion deactivated.' after selecting ARMCM52 chip in Keil MDK

Dear Forum Members,

I am writing to seek your assistance regarding an issue I have encountered while developing a program for the ARMCM52 microcontroller using Keil MDK 5.40.

After setting the chip selection to ARMCM52 in my project, I have observed that the F12 functionality, which is used for "Go To Definition of 'XXX'", is not working properly. Keil MDK is displaying the error message "Module error! text completion deactivated."

However, when I switch the project to use the ARMCM55 microcontroller, the F12 functionality for "Go To Definition of 'XXX'" works as expected.

I am using the AC6.22 compiler for this project. Based on my investigation, I believe this issue may be related to either the compiler or the MDK, as the problem seems to be specific to the ARMCM52 chip selection.

I have attached two screenshots to illustrate the issue. The first screenshot shows the F12 functionality for "Go To Definition of 'XXX'" working correctly when the project is set to use the ARMCM55 microcontroller. The second screenshot shows the error message that appears when the project is set to use the ARMCM52 microcontroller.



I would greatly appreciate if anyone in the forum could provide any insights or suggestions on how to resolve this problem. Your assistance would be invaluable in helping me progress with my project development.

Thank you in advance for your time and support.