MDK 6 migration questions


Some questions arise during testing of migration to MDK 6.

Debugging: How do we see the debug probe support in the future? I rely on Keil uLink Pro or J-trace - preferred platform is mac with ARM CPU. Had to buy a J-trace since uLink Pro does not work on this platform (funny that Arm does not support Arm computer platforms), and the J-trace only works with Windows 11 virtualisation + µVision, not on Keil Studio Extensions for VS Code (CMSIS-DAP only - then I need a J-trace as well? ... ).

License: According to, the new community license (now used for testing) should allow linking MDK Middleware. That's true for VS Code extension + arm compiler - but Keil µVision 5.39 does not allow compiling the MDK Middleware (license complaint: require 'Plus') when the community license is active. Is this intended? I guess license migration from node-based to user-based is necessary as well (local distributor question?) - but then we need assurance that the 'Essential' pack actually allows linking MDK Middleware in µVision previously available through the Plus node-locked license.

Thank you.