Essential CI Pipeline Workflow User Guide for Keil Projects

Hi everyone, 

I have been trying to integrate the CI pipeline process for our team for a while now. I have done this several times before for various embedded boards. I would like to point out that all the topics I mentioned, at least for now, apply to Keil uvision5 .uvprojx projects. My question is that I am looking for free and commercial user guides for the steps to be followed to build a functional, efficient CI system that will be fully useful for the whole team in a private or public embedded system project(All the Arm Development Tools or other development toolchains)    

I would like to point out that I can develop more comfortably and faster, especially in development environments with terminal support where I can easily intervene in the build system and use third-party plugins or application features. (The part I mentioned separately from the topic is a "wishlist" or "nice to have" part. It's because I can't create a build system with CMake and Makefile in Keil uvision5 and I can't do GIT version control easily. I guess all this is just a VSCode habit, I apologize.)

For Arm-based MCUs, I think there are not enough resources to guide the build, artifacts, and unit test processes, especially in terms of what to pay attention to with the CI process, YAML file-like or get-started files, etc. created on version control systems.

From what I've learned so far, Arm only supports the AVH (Arm Virtual Hardware) development tool, which is in beta. I would prefer to learn the basics of the subject from the main source, namely you, instead of learning from blogs written by valuable people or developers.

I deliberately tried not to give details and detailed information so as not to prolong the topic. Please let me know if I am not clear enough, so I can give more details. Thank you in advance for your comments.