Not able to program and debug in MIMXRT1170-EVK board using keil and ulink pro.


I am using keil 5.36 ide and ulink prod to download the hex file and debugging. In this evalution board I am not able to load the code. I am taking example code provided by keil and only debugger configuration I changed to ulink prod. here I attached the error photo. 

I have able to program using MCUexpresso and cimsis DAP. My understanding is that this MIMXRT1176 don't have any internal flash so we have to program external flash only. for that any other configuration required?

and also keil with cimsis DAP I am facing also same issue.

  • I am also not very familiar with this device. But it seems like, you have configured the linker to link your program code at address 0x00000000. Most likely there is no flash to be programmed at this address as also there are no flash algorithms configured for this memory area. And so maybe the project you use is not actually meant to be flashed. "sram_debug" in the path to the object file seems a hint for this. In such a case, what happens if you just start a debug session? If it is a RAM debug setup, "Flash Download" is not required at all and normally the debugger can write the program code to the target memory at debug start.

    But generally maybe this project also has different project targets, for different memory configurations. You should understand before using them, what they are configured for.

    What exact example project are you using. And you should also check the unmodified project for how it is configured.