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problem compiling in keil5



I am working on a STM32L072XXXX and i have a problem when i try to compile the project i have. I'm working on a dragino LSN50 and i wanted to compile the original project, However everytime i try to build the project i always have the same kind of error: 

../../../../../../../Drivers/BSP/Components/gpio_exti/gpio_exti.c(48): error: 'hw.h' file not found

../../../../../../../Drivers/BSP/Components/flash_eraseprogram/flash_eraseprogram.c(48): error: 'hw.h' file not found

../../../../../../../Drivers/BSP/STM32L0xx_Nucleo/stm32l0xx_nucleo.h(59): error: 'stm32l0xx_hal.h' file not found

I have 78 errors when i try compiling the original project and they are all related to headers file not found.

When i follow documentation or tutos about compiling the original lora_project, the issue never occurs.

Do you have any tips on how to fix the problem?

PS: I'm using arm compiler V6.19 and i'm not used to keil5

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