Duplicate IP address after changing the MAC address with netIF_SetOption


Regarding the Keil documentation, for changing the MAC address we can use the netIF_SetOption function. I configured my STM MCU network like this:

	uint8_t mac_addr[NET_ADDR_ETH_LEN];	
	netInitialize ();
	//Set New mac_addr value
	netIF_SetOption (NET_IF_CLASS_ETH | 0, netIF_OptionMAC_Address, mac_addr, sizeof (mac_addr));	

It successfully changed my Mac address but in Wireshark, I saw that it created a duplicate IP address device ( one with the old Mac address "1E-30-6C-A2-45-5F" and the new one with the new Mac address "6a:ad:d5:59:52:19")

I need to know how I can change the MAC address while the old value is being removed(prevent from a duplicate IP)

I appreciate your help.