LPC1788 HardFault on 3rd assembly instruction

In my current project I use uVision 5.38 and the compiler default V6 compiler. As a controller I have a LPC1788 that crashes to the HardFault_Handler on the 3rd (or 4th) assembly instruction.

At the start of the project I have the following instructions from startup_LPC177x_8x.s

LDR     R0, =SystemInit
BLX     R0

In SystemInit I have the following instructions

PUSH     {r7,lr}
MOVW     r1,#0xC1A0
MOVT     r1,#0x400F
MOVS     r0,#0x21

However if I press F11 once I am on the "PUSH {r7, lr}" instruction the next instruction is at address 0x00000188, in other words HardFault_Handler. Where the cpu get's "stuck" on the B instruction (to the same location).

If I try the blinky demo (for the LPC1788) the SystemInit looks like this

PUSH     {r4-r8,lr}
MOVW     r5,#0xC0C4
MOVT     r5,#0x400F
MOVS     r0,#0x21

This code does not trigger a HardFault_Handler.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?