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KEIL can not display existing *.c or *.h source file with a blank TEXT

Hi All:

      My KEIL is 5.38A.

      My OS is Windows 10 X64 2022H2 CHS version.


      When I select the compiler version as 6.13 or 6.19, then 

      My KEIL project sometimes can not open a existing *.c or *.h file, it displays a blank text in the editor window.

      If fact this file is NOT blank, it can be successfully opened by many other TEXT editors


      When I select the compiler version as 5.06, then this problem seems disappear!

      Then what's wrong with my KEIL IDE?

      How should I fixed this issue?

      If you need any further information, please let me informed!

      Thanks & Best Regards

  • Hello dingyg99 Mickle,

    sorry, I have never seen such an issue before, so can't say, what goes wrong. But we might find more.

    1) one thing to try is to log the file access with the Windows "Process Monitor" tool: to see, if there is some sort of access problem at this time. You can use a filter like "Path"->"ends with"->"App-System.Initialize.c"->"Include" to focus on a specific file. Then open App-System.Initialize.c in uVision and inspect the log.

    2) the other thing could be memory consumption. Can you please check with the Windows Task Manager the memory consumption of UV4.exe at the time the problem happens? Is there a considerable difference when using Arm Compiler 5 or 6?