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Module ?cstartup and error A1163E

I'm trying to build an API from provided files. My C++ skills are relatively basic as I'm more an engineer who can code that a coder.

The device is a STM32f303k8 which I don't think matters for this. I'm getting a bunch errors like 'Error A1163E: Unkown opcode MODULE , expecting opcode or Macro'

Now, a quick look on google tells me this is an issue with new version vs old version of something in the software but I couldn't seem to find an actual fix. I also looked

up the document ARM has on porting things from v5 of the compiler to v6 but I didn't see anything immediately useful. Again my coding skills are pretty basic so its entirely

possible I was staring right at the fix and just missed it but I would appreciate some input.

Oh, I mention the v5 thing because the API was originally created for v5. They created the files for v6 of the compiler but it was a rush job and the creators of the files did not

create instructions. The company also said they won't any time soon. (the API is for a device that senses fires for use in prototyping fire sensing equipment. The API is meant

to help the user record situation specific data so they can better figure out what sensors and such they need for their specific application. The problem is the new version seems

to have been a bit of a rush job. There are still a few implicit function declarations here and there for example)