Issues connecting & downloading

Today I have returned to using Keil Studio Cloud after not logging in for about a year and have found that some key parts of the functionality do not seem to be working. I have not changed any aspects of my program or the hardware set-up since last using the IDE.

The first issue is regarding downloading the firmware after it has been built/compiled. It simply does not seem to download like it used to when I last used Keil Studio

  • Create a new project from MBED OS Blink Example
  • Connect Device
  • Click Build Project
  • Output window shows successful build
  • At this point I would expect the binary file to be downloaded to my computer, but that does not happen

Has this functionality changed? How do I get the complied program?

The second issue is that my device will not connect. I am using an ST-LINK V2 with a custom board that functions as a NUCLEO-L073 target.

  • Connected device shows "No hardware selected"
  • Click Add Device
  • Select the STM32 STLINK
  • Click Connect
  • Nothing happens - no device connected, no error messages.

I have tried updating the STLINK to the latest firmware and have also verified that it is working fine when connecting to & programming the same board in STM32CubeProgrammer.

I have reviewed the documentation pages for troubleshooting "Connected development board or debug probe not found" ( but the Windows Device Manager does not show any issues.

I have also reviewed the documentation page for troubleshooting "Connection fails when clicking Run project or Debug project", although it is not strictly relevant as it is intended for when "Keil Studio Cloud has correctly detected your development board or debug probe and the device shows as active, but the connection fails when you click Run project or Debug project. There can be multiple reasons for a connection failure." (