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Project does not build anymore (transition from Arm Compiler 5 to 6)

Simple problem:

Started an STM32G051K8U7 microcontroller project using Arm Compiler v6.20.1 in Keil uVision IDE, built a project all good, everything works just fine can debug the program using ST-Link debugger - no problems.
And at some point I decided to compile the program with Arm Compiler v5.06 - all good! However, I wanted to revert back to Arm Compiler v6.20.1 and it would not build it anymore. I have no idea what happened, no files actually got changed in my project directory, but there are 247 errors complaining about the startup file.

RTE/Device/STM32G051K8Ux/startup_stm32g051xx.s(2): error: unexpected token at start of statement
;* File Name          : startup_stm32g051xx.s

Any Idea how I can bypass this issue? It happened to both computers using different MDK Arm versions.