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Request STM32L5xx HAL library update.

The current Keil STM32L5xx HAL library is V1.4.0 and is 2 years old. Request update to the ST available 1.5.0 version.

  • Here is a workaround that works for every ST microprocessor and W10. I have not tried this on Linux:

    Install ST's STM32CubeMX. It is free of any license fees.

    Create your app to the extent possible using CubeMX Pinout & Configuration (including Software Packs) and Clock Configuration windows.

    In the Project Manager/Project window, select MDK-ARM as the Toolchain/IDE. Enter your other app info in the Project, Code Generator and Advanced settings window.

    For the Tools window you may or may not need to enter anything.

    Click on Generate Code. This will create a bare bones uVision app with the latest CMSIS and HAL versions, to which you add your app specific functionality.