Keil uvision compiler configurations when working with FUSA RTS

We have somewhat of a confusion regarding the Compiler setting in keil.

We are working with the 6.16.2 (Fusa) compiler.

We also  have the Fusa RTS CM4 noMPU 1.0.1. Pack installed.

Keil uvision on the other hand shows us different version of Compilers in "manage Run Time Environment" tab. With version from 1.6.0 up to 1.7.2 

And with C library version 6.6.0.

Can you make a little bit of sense in all these configurations, we have concerns regarding upgrading the packs.


  • Hi there.

    The Code Compiler is actually selected in the uVision project under 'Options for Target' -  'Code Generation' - 'ARM Compiler'.

    The pack you are mentioning is used for selecting the C Library and retargeting for the C Library.

    If you have FuSa pack installed it will "dominate" the normal non-FuSa content, so in the RTE you should see the following components:
     - CMSIS ::CORE - FusSa
     - CMSIS ::RTOS2 (API) : Keil RTX5 - FuSa
     - Compiler ::C Library - FuSa RTS

    Now, the FuSa C Library is reduced set of Standard C Library and was certified.

    There should be some examples that came with your FuSa pack that you can look at for reference.

    Best regards, Milorad