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Programming STM32F103C8T6 through registers with Keil

Hi All,

At the moment I want to get used to programming STM32 chips, through registers. I did this also with other brands, and wanted to extent my knowledge.
For this i bought a STM32F103C8T6 (Blue pill), a ST-link V2 and wanted to use the Keil software.
Because it is my first time with the STM32, i wanted to start simple with turning on a LED.

The problem I am now facing is that when i tried to download the code to the flash, nothings happens on the board.
Keil says that everything went successful(programming done).

I've used multiple codes to test it, but none are working at the moment.
The last code to let a led blink, i used is:

The following setup I am using:

Now my question is, am i doing something wrong?
Hope you guys can help me with this, many thanks!