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Error: Could not load .afx file.

I'm using uVision V5.34.  While attempting to port code from an existing project from an F4 to H7 processor I ran into the problem below.  I started with a working H7 project and copied the required files from the working F4 project.  It compiles without errors or warnings.  However I am getting an error message when I attempt to run the debugger, "Could not load file '...\someFile.axf'. Debugger aborted".  The .axf file is generated and in the directory it says in the error message.  The debugger works in both of the original F4 and H7 projects, just not in the newly created project.  Also programming the H7 part with the new project completes without error.  I do not see any other information that would help in understanding why the .axf file is not loaded.  Perhaps the error message is misleading and there is some other error that triggers the message I am seeing?