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ST HAL CAN legacy via DFP

From what I can tell, Keil puts together the DFP software packs for the ST lines, hence asking here.

I am trying to upgrade the DFP pack we use, but need to use the ST HAL CAN legacy module for now, to prevent a lot of code rewrite. This is currently not very well supported via the RTE configuration though.

You can manually edit stm32f4xx_hal_conf.h to tell it to use the legacy module, however the software pack doesn't include the necessary files for this, or the include paths. This means that I need to manually add the legacy hal source file to my project, as well as telling the compiler to look in the legacy subdirectory of the DFP inc directory.

This isn't ideal as it isn't pulling in the files automatically like it should be, so there would be manual changes to make if the DFP pack is changed.

Would it be possible to improve this behaviour in the next release? Perhaps a legacy variant for the CAN HAL module?

(Currently if you enable the LL drivers, you do get the legacy inc path, but you still don't get the actual source file needed. Also I don't really want to be enabling the LL drivers if I'm not using them!)

Tagged as STM32F4 as that's what I'm using, not sure if this affects other lines too)