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Help Flashing N76E003 using NuLink and Keil

Hello All,

I'll keep it as short as possible, but please inquire about any missing info. if you can help. I paid a company in an Asian country I'll leave nameless to develop a product for me. I provided the block diagram and which IC's and controller I thought were best and they went to work. A Year and a half latter, many headaches and BS excuses, and a super slow work pace,  our relationship was destroyed.

I negotiated the database (Gerber, schematic, BOM, and firmware) and now am left on my own to put it together. I already noticed that the BOM is missing the part numbers, and that leaves me wondering about the firmware.

I just today received the generic Nu-Link programmer and have a development board with the same controller as the one on my device (N76E003AT20). I have been trying to flash the firmware to the dev. board with no success.

The database came complete with the firmware in assembly, and a HEX file. I followed some of the how to's and get to where I'm trying to "build" and get error "C:\KEIL_V5\C51\INC\NUVOTON\N76E003.H(265): error A10: ATTEMPT TO DEFINE AN ALREADY DEFINED SYMBOL"...I found a post on here where a nice gent. explained that's probably because of a redundant file or something of the sort, but I've hit a wall....for the moment at least.

Specific instructions on the the best  way to achieve the objective is extremely appreciated. Best to load the HEX file directly or try to "build" it from the assembly written firmware? how to execute the better option please?

I'm in over my head for sure, but I've been here before and I just don't quite.

Thank you Kindly!