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Converting from Hg to Git in Keil Studio

I am converting my development from the older mBed Studio environment to Keil Studio Cloud.  I followed the process and have a project working in Keil Studio Cloud.  I would rather store the files on github, so I went through the conversion process and it created my github repository.  I was happy to see it pulled all the version history along also!

Next I made a simple file change to test the system.  I committed the new changes from the Source Control View, which updated the local repository.  

Next I tried the "Publish Project" option in the Source Control view "..." menu.  I think this is how to push to github.  It returns the following error:

This repository already has a configured remote. Remote origin is configured for

I deleted the entire project, and the github repository and tried the whole process a second time and got the same results.

What am I missing?  How do I push changes to my github cloud account?