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Problem when exporting DAVE configuration to Keil

Hi, I've followed the tutorial in the link below to export my configuration to MDK, but when opening the gpdsc file, it said "Cannot read project file ". 

Using DAVE with MDK Version 5

MDK version: V5.35.0.0

DAVE version: V4.5.0

Does anyone have any clue? 

Many thanks.

  • Thank you for using the Keil tools for Arm.

    A bit of background, For context the GPDSC file uses a generator, as described by the CMSIS working group. See:

    The CMSIS group was indeed started by Arm, and we are very active in the group - but we are not the only voice. As the features get requested by Silicon vendors and others, that becomes the new standard.

    The group has updated the specification of the generator file, but it appears the file created by Infineon DAvE is not using this latest CMSIS standard, so is no longer compatible with Keil (which is keeping up with the changes). There are two possible workarounds

    1) Use MDK 5.31.
    It looks like you can continue to use MDK 5.31 with Infineon DAvE  Versions 5.32 and later only work with the updated CMSIS Standard.

    (In fact what might we worked with Cypress to get the GPDSC file working for them. The release notes say: "Fixed: µVision can exchange project data with Modus Toolbox from Cypress using GPDSC". See:

    You could try using different versions of the Keil tools on the same machine, e.g., 5.31 and the latest version of Keil . See:

    2) Recreate the Project in Keil MDK