Trace configuration issue in Keil V5.35.0.0

Hello, I am trying to use STLink V2 to debug my project using the STM32F405 microcontroller. I followed the instructions like and tutorials on youtube to set up the trace configuration, but the interface in Keil V5.35.0.0, which I am using, has changed and the I always got SW buffer overrun error messages.

In Keil V5.35.0.0, there is no "Autodetect" option for the SWO port as shown in the tutorials. So I just use the default settings with Configure Target and Set Max checked.

The core clock is 168MHz. When I choose "use the core clock", the SWO clock automatically changes into 12MHz with a Prescaler of 14. But in the Target Com part of the Debug page, the clock selected is only 1.8 MHz. Even if I changed the Req to 12 MHz, the selected is still the same. I am really confused about these settings. Could anyone give me any hints about it? Thanks.