Is it possible to use Polyspace to run Static Analysis using the Keil C51 Compiler?

I work in the industry and I am required to run Static analysis over some C code which has been written for the 8051 processor, and therefore needs the Keil C51 Compiler to compile. We use Polyspace to run Static Analysis normally, however, the Target & Compiler configuration settings in Polyspace do not seem to include the Keil C51 Compiler as an option.

There is a Keil compiler drop down option, however not for the appropriate Target Processor Type. The way I understand it, the C51 compiler includes vital definitions that are required within the project code, and therefore it NEEDS to be used to successfully run the Static Analysis.

Does anyone know if it's possible to run Static Analysis using Polyspace on this code, or do I need to think about using some different software, either PC-Lint or C++ test as described in: Verification Tools (

Thanks in advance for any help you can give, I'm only a beginner to looking at this stuff so if my wording isn't brilliant, it's because I am still learning :)

  • That's ultimately not for Keil, but for MathWorks to answer, because it depends entirely on PolySpace, and your source code, not on C51 itself.

    I don't specifically remember any explicit support for C51 language extensions (and limitations!) in PolySpace, but then again, I dont't think I ever had a reason to go looking for them.   But PolySpace really expect pretty strict ISO-standard C code for input.  I suspect C51 has about 5 quirks too many to be viable in PolySpace.