8051 C compiler on Windows 7 64 Bit system

I am going to begin some development work soon for a company that has an old version of the
8051 C compiler. The CD has “Release 1.2007” and “uVision 3” written on it.

Will this work on the PCs they have now if they are all Win 7 64 bit systems ?

If not, It’s possible they have another copy someplace in their closets ... what was the earliest version that
supported Win 7 64 bit machines ?

If I can use this version, how do I go about getting around the Win 7 warning that "this version is not
compatible ...." if that comes up. I'm new to Win 7, but have heard of people getting that,
but going ahead with the install somehow.

Not sure - maybe they used Virtual PC XP Mode ???

  • I can't speak to Keil/8051 issues as I'm not doing any 8051 dev these days, but I can certainly recommend things like VirtualBox or Virtual PC from running old tools, going back to DOS releases, painlessly on Win7 and Win8 boxes. Dongles and Keys might be a whole other issue.

    The Win7 64-bit keys should permit a 32-bit install if you have the DVD media.

  • For Win7 64bit, XP Mode is definitely perfect for backward compatibility.

    No more investment needed ( truly licensed with your Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate Win7 ).

    In fact I'm using XP mode, too. Some old Freescale CodeWarrior lie in it.