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Hard fault at misaligned memcpy memset

we made some simple tests with STM32F100 Value Line Eval Board:

// Variables
static unsigned char sDstBuf[1024]; // 1KiB
static unsigned char sSrcBuf[sizeof(sDstBuf)];

printf("Copying words from misaligned src to aligned dst buffer... ");
memset(sDstBuf, 0xcd, sizeof(sDstBuf));

with optimize Level 3, optimize for time this takes

with optimize Level 0

almost the same if memcpy is used:
memcpy(sDstBuf, (const void *)0xcd, sizeof(sDstBuf));

It runs into hard fault, if optimize Level >=1 and optimise for time is not set.

I think this is a compiler error..

We ran into this before with MDK 4.60, now we use 4.70A