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How to Run: AWS MQTT Example using TrustZone and TF-M. Many problem It has!! Really working it is?

Dear Keil, TF-M and IoT members

I'm Eric 

I amd developping IoT and TF-M with Wiznet W5000 and WizFi360.

I refered to your project examples;

STM32L5: ARM AWS MQTT demonstration (Youtube link:

This TFM example doesn't work well.

The booting is failed. The log messages are only


  [;34m[Sec Thread] Secure image initializing!

Booting TFM v1.2.0

[Crypto] MBEDTLS_TEST_NULL_ENTROPY is not suitable for production!


How to know what is the problem. this example?

s/w code origin link:

Can you tell me how to connect the team member this project?

Keil MDK Work Space is:




I followed your guidline ( and Notes.txt in your example project).

There are too many version and code misatched problems. So I solve and blocked the error.

How could you make run successful, this example? I want to know-how.