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130 BCDlite qrcTechFile discrepancy

I’m currently trying to run QRC extraction on our design using the 130BCDlite library.  We are seeing an extraction issue with the libraries that were provided to us from arm for the global foundries 130 BDClite library .  For this extraction, I specify the qrcTech files below:




I then also have to specify the LEF file for this library as follows:


When I try to run QRC extraction for the chip using the Cadence Quantus extraction tool, I get the following error:

ERROR (EXTSNZ - 127) : The layer name "METAL4" is used in the LEF/DEF file or in the OpenAccess (OA) database but the definition for it cannot be found in the tech file.  Ensure that the command file has a proper name mapping for the tech file layer to corresponding names in the LEF/cellLibrary/DEF/OA.  

Do you know why this could be happening, or perhaps how the qrcTech file could have been generated incorrectly?